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Issues, Perspectives and the Santa Fe response.

Santa Fe is known for the quality of services it provides to clients, should an out break of Swine Flu affect any of the countries in which we do business then we have in place a Pandemic Infection Action Plan to protect; our Clients, Employees and to ensure minimal disruption to business.

This has been prompted by the previous outbreaks, the current situation, described below and enquiries and concerns from our customers.

The situation in Asia

Fears of a global deadly Influenza A (H1N1) epidemic have provoked considerable recent media attention. To date, outbreaks of pandemic Influenza A (H1N1), known as H1N1 strain, have been largely confined to Pigs but there have now been cases in humans in Mexico.

Because the H1N1 virus does not usually infect humans, there is little or no natural immunity to this virus in the human population. Scientists are therefore concerned that the H1N1 virus could undergo genetic change to be spread easily from one person to another, fuelling an influenza pandemic or worldwide outbreak.

Sensing the increasing seriousness and the real possibility of a looming crisis, there are currently a number of high-level international and regional meetings being held, aiming towards a global consensus for controlling the disease, while preparing for a potential pandemic.

The World Health Authority (WHO) in conjunction with a number of leading authorities have met recently and come up with a Pandemic Alert Period Warning System. There are six levels of alert.

Santa Fe response

Santa Fe has adopted the WHO Pandemic Alert Period Warning System as our level of alert criteria. Santa Fe’s action steps at each level of alert are based on information from WHO, EAC’s Global Medical Advisory and advice from SOS International. In addition, there is our own considerable knowledge of the relocation industry, customer wishes and fears together with experiences gained during the SARS outbreak in 2003, Bird Flue in 2004/5.

new pandemic

As each level increases in response to the WHO’s Alert level i.e. from Green to Amber and so on, Santa Fe will communicate with its staff through the company intranet and to its customers through its website and by email for escalating developments on the Swine Flu. WHO has raised the alert to level 5 and Santa Fe have reacted accordingly updating and activating our internal Pandemic Plan. For further information on the situation we recommend you visit the World Health Authority (WHO) website on a regular basis. Check with your government websites before you travel to a destination which may be currently affected. Santa Fe’s customers may feel confident in our ability to look after them and offer the highest quality service in any eventuality. If you require any more information please contact us directly via the email address below:

For your information some useful documents and web sites are listed below:
Hong Kong Government:
World Health Authority:

Source : Santa Fe Pandemic Flu Committee April 28th 2009


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